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K Series of motor gear

Product Description

Right-angle drive unit

K series motor gear is a bevel- helical gear integrated reducer. Compared with the traditional worm gearbox, it has higher transmission efficiency and higher strength gear and body structure. Besides, service life and reliability are greatly increased. The modular structure can make various flexible combinations and connections between the output and input.


The basic cabinet can provide 3 stages of deceleration. If an additional higher deceleration is needed, a dual cabinet can be used to achieve a maximum 6-stage reduction ratio to meet different requirements.


The input can be matched with various electric motors, servomotors, and frequency converters for drive control. The output is also equipped with solid shafts, spline shafts, hollow shafts, and other different ways of matching.


Product Features:

  • Gears are made of high-quality cemented steel
  • High transfer rates
  • High radial load
  • Low-noise level
  • Long service life

Technical Parameters:

Rated torque:T2n = 80~15,000 Nm

Product Specification

Torque table
K Series of motor gear
Size Rated torque(Nm)
K00 80
K10 140
K20 280
K27 450
K37 820
K47 1,550
K57 2,700
K67 4,300
K77 8,000
K87 15,000