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Winch drive gearbox

Product Description

The DANA/Brevini planetary gearbox with rotating housing is designed to be installed in the drum of the winch for driving. The performance of the PWD and SLW-SLC series complies with the TFEM M5 standard, with an output speed of 15 rpm, following the world standards for self-propelled and vehicular cranes on the market. The Brevini winch drive gearbox is an ideal solution for all lifting applications. There are two tightly mounting flanges. One of which is mounted on the winch frame and the other one is fixed on the cable drum, which can greatly save the space of the structure and equipped with different hydraulic motors and electric motors.

Product Features:

  • High performance & small size
  • High safety
  • Easy installation and operation, convenient maintenance
  • Provide special configuration to meet the client requirements

Technical Parameters:

TFEM M5 = 6,100~463,500 Nm

Product Specification

Torque table
Winch drive gearbox
Size TFEM M5(Nm)
PWD2100 6,100
PWD3150 9,700
PWD3200 12,800
PWD3300 18,500
PWD3500 22,200
PWD3700 34,900
SLW3003 45,300
SLW4003 60,800
SLW6003 79,400
SLW8503 111,500
SMW12004 166,600
SMW18004 236,600
SMW25004 325,600
SMW35004 463,500