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CMG motor gear

Product Description

CMG motor gear is designed by Knödler, a German manufacturer of plastic gearboxes. Knödler is also the first company designing and manufacturing the electric plasticizing gearboxes for injection machines in the world. They combined the technical experiences with the demand on the market to develop the unique CMG solutions for extruder and injection machines. It’s an indispensable drive unit for the green energy industry in the future.

CMG motor gear is a pioneer in electric drive technology, and the HP is up to 1000 kw. This is the most suitable renovation for an extremely high output power or a simpler design if needed. This design combines four three-phase water-cooling motors with gearbox units, which greatly improves the efficiency of the output. The modular structure design can reduce the power to keep the independent motor unit running if there is an emergency to ensure the product's effectiveness for the end-user. The excellent characteristics of the product are favored and used by world-class manufacturers of plastic and rubber application

Product Features:

  • High efficiency
  • High production
  • Small space
  • Low noise level

Technical Parameters:

Rated Torque:T2n = 500~200,000 Nm
Motor Power:10.5~1,000 kw

Product Specification

Torque table
CMG motor gear
Size Maximun Power(kW) 2 Stages of Rated Torque(Nm)
05 10.5 1,200
10 27 3,000
20 33 4,000
30/31 90 8,000
60/61 132 16,000
120/121 221 30,000
240/241 384 48,000
400/401 660 68,000
601 1,000 150,000