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Industrial Slewing Bearing

Product Description

With the simultaneous improvement of technical engineering, our products can respond to every special request made by strict customers, whether it is load, strength, speed, noise...etc.

Our bearing rings are made of high-grade carbon steel, and are through hardening and tempering heat treatment, and the alloy steel of nickel-chromium-molybdenum is used to strengthen the product's rigidity and tensile strength. (Also according to special needs, customer can use aluminum, titanium and other materials)

To adapt to various application environments, protective treatment can be performed on the surface of the bearing ring, such as zinc plating, phosphate treatment, nickel plating, metal spraying... etc. Our manufacturing process is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 to ensure the quality of assurance of the products.

For large-sized bearing rings over 2M, we can provide a small amount or customized demand services, providing different types of structures (ball, roller or combination of both) and precisely calculating complex components through FEM programs to provide customers the solution of optimized size.

Product Features:

  • Reduce the amounts of the units
  • High-Reliability
  • Save space and weight
  • Reduce the number of mechanical repairs
  • Easy and quick installation

Product specification:

Type:Ball Bearing、Crossed Roller Bearing、Rotary Bearing
Category:Internal gear、External gear、Without gear
Range of Product:Diameter 100~6000 mm

Product Specification

Single Ball Bearing

Crossed roller bearing

Rotary bearing

Double rows ball bearing

Triple-row roller bearing