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Planetary hollow shaft gearbox

Product Description

The PH/BPH hollow shaft planetary gearbox is an innovative gearbox that combines planetary gears and helical gears with a hollow shaft output.
DANA/Brevini Group focuses on research and development and production of new power transmission systems, using 3D technology FEM (Finite Elements Method), actual standardization to analyze, and optimize product performance. Each design has undergone strict testing (mechanical, structural, thermal tolerance), simulating real working conditions to develop and design innovative products.

Product Features:

  • Combine the advantages of a planetary gearbox with a hollow shaft gearbox
  • Lighter and smaller than the other same class of gearboxes
  • High-reliability
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High price-performance ratio

Technical Parameters:

Rated torqueT2n = 3,500~35,000 Nm
Reduction ratio︰i = 12~10,000

Product Specification

Torque table
PH/BPH Planetary hollow shaft gearbox
Siz) Rated torque(Nm) 中空軸(ø H7 mm)
PH/BPH13 3,900 70
PH/BPH16 2,800 70
PH/BPH18 7,700 80
PH/BPH20 10,900 90
PH/BPH23 16,700 100
PH/BPH25 24,200 120
PH/BPH28 35,000 140