The 2019 Global International Plastics Exhibition K-SHOW ended successfully.

The K-SHOW, a triennially global international plastics exhibition is successfully ended.

Many well-known manufacturers participated in this exhibition, such as Krauss Maffei, Wittmann Battenfeld, Sumitomo Demag, Engel, Stor, and so on. The displayed machines are equipped with German KNÖDLER of FZ gearbox, CMG motor reducer, and ZS full motor drive gearbox, it shows that KNÖDLER's products are highly supported and affirmed by customers.

  ↓Figure 1. Krauss Maffei uses KNÖDLER's CMG motor gear

↓Figure 2. Wittmann Battenfeld uses KNÖDLER's CMG motor gear

↓ Figure 3. Sumitomo Demag uses KNÖDLER's FZ gearbox

↓ Figure 4. Engel uses KNÖDLER's FZ gearbox

↓ Figure 5. Stork uses KNÖDLER's ZS gearbox

↓ Figure 6. Wittmann Battenfeld uses ZS gearbox


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